Gymnastics Strength Workout with Olympic Gymnast Dave Durante

Published on May 13, 2015

This is just a preview gymnastics strength class from Dave Durante! Get the full gymnastics strength video series here:

In this video Dave Durante leads you through a bodyweight gymnastics strength workout that engages the abs, obliques, shoulders, back, and arms. Using a pull-up bar, parallettes, and other basic equipment, you can get a great full-body workout worthy of a gymnast. 

The Art of Gymnastics workout video series by Dave Durante is the perfect introduction for any fitness enthusiast, CrossFitter, or aspiring gymnast to learn foundational gymnastics movements and establish serious body-weight strength. The movements learned in this gymnastics strength workout will help you further improve your control, body awareness, and form regardless of your fitness activity. 

Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as an alternate. Dave Durante has also worked as lead global gymnastics expert for Adidas Gymnastics and has been a lead coach with CrossFit Gymnastics since 2013.

Learn more about this Gymnastics Strength video series by Dave Durante here:

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