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Every 30 Seconds For as Long as Possible,
1 rep in the first 30 seconds
2 reps in the second 30 seconds
3 reps in the third 30 seconds, etc.
Scale: Tuck Ups

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How is your lockout? Let's get some pre-fatigue in your triceps and test your overhead stability and awareness on these hang snatches. Being able to keep the barbell balanced and over your center of mass will be a huge advantage to efficiently get through this assassin WoD. Focus on your quality of movement in the snatch to conserve the energy you will definitely need to be able to complete these snatches all as full squat variations. The legs will be burning as you begin to accumulate, so you want to be sure the barbell is secure and helping to maintain a vertical reception.
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I think swinging ring pull ups are highly underutilized. These are much different than bar kipping pull ups. The focus is to maintain a straight body with no angles. The technique requires more hang time and more anterior core than any other dynamic pull up. Get yourself tired with the burpees and try to maintain clean technique!



10 min AMRAP,
10 Swinging Ring Pull Ups
15 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20")

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You may look at this workout and focus on how you're going to tackle the wall walks, or the double unders. But don't sleep on the Double KettleBell Front Squats in this one! These are true Kettlebell Front Squats, performed with a solid rack position: the bells need to stay off of the shoulders. With the accumulated time under tension due to the combo of wall walks and front rack squats, you need to relax on your double unders. If you are confident in both your kettlebell work and double unders, then you can plan to do your squats unbroken. If the sum of the movements has you doubting your endurance, then planned breaks on the squats and/or double unders is a solid game plan. If you think you can hit the whole thing unbroken, this is gonna feel as close to a fast-paced grind as you can get!


5 Rounds for time:
3 Wall Walks,
10 DxKB Front Squats (53/35),
50 Double Unders

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150 Russian Twists for time
Scale: 100 reps
Rotational core work seems to take a back seat many times and it is critical to building a strong overall core. This particular WOD is something I've done for years with my clients. It is challenging both mentally and physically. Think of this as a speed exercise. Work back and forth as fast as possible to minimize the amount of time holding in the tuck position. Slow reps will make this even harder! Don't be deceived. The first 50 or so reps might seem easy, but it will drop off very quickly after that! Be smart with how you break up the reps. If you want to challenge for a top time, try to go unbroken. Last 30+reps will be a mental test! Reps only count when both hands touch both sides. Rep is counted 1 on each side so 300 reps total (150 each side)
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