Alex Parker (RXSmartGear)

I have been competing in Crossfit for 3 years. Before Crossfit I competed at an elite level in alpine ski racing and golf. I also played high level soccer and have completed many road-running races. 

I am a member and coach of Champ City Crossfit in Edmonton and I follow programming from Mike Fitzgerald at Optimum Performance Training.

Outside of Crossfit I am a full time law student at the University of Alberta. I also play on the Law School Rugby and Hockey Team. It is a busy, but full life, just the way I like it!

My favorite food is a peanut butter (crunchy/unsalted) and jam (homemade raspberry) sandwich on cinnamon raisin bread.


Regionals 2013 Crossfit Calgary Crew Team Member: 3rd

Regionals 2014 Individual: 3rd

Open 2015: 8th

Western Classic 2014/2015 (Reebok Crossfit Ramsay): 1st

Battle of Alberta 2014: 1st

Battle on the Border 2015: 2nd

Vo2 Max 2014: 2nd

Best lifts/WOD times:

Snatch: 158lbs

Clean & Jerk: 200

Overhead Squat: 205lbs

Back Squat:255lbs

Helen: 8:18

Nate: 18 rds +7 

10km time (2013): 42:18

Marathon Time (San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon 2013): 3:27