Jeff Martone

Jeff Martone – Subject Matter Expert for CrossFit Kettlebell

Jeff is considered a pioneer and one of the “founding fathers” of the modern Kettlebell Movement in the United States. He developed the original CrossFit KettleBell Instructor course, created S.H.O.T (Super High OutPut Training), and also founded Tactical Athlete.

As a lifelong athlete and Law Enforcement Instructor Jeff has always led from the front in all his teachings. Through his years of training Jeff has brought to light not only the high strength and endurance return of Kettlebell Training but also the rehab/restoration capabilities involved with lifting them.

Even now in his late forties after a life of football, martial arts, boxing and serving seventeen years as a full-time defensive tactics and firearms instructor Jeff continues to see growth. This growth is not restricted to his teaching philosophies either. Jeff is relentless in his pursuits and practices what he preaches holding numerous KettleBell lifting titles and National Records.


  • Director of CrossFit KettleBell Instructor Course
  • Current IKSFA KettleBell Sport Lifting Coach certified in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Former Senior Instructor for the RKC (Russian KettleBell Challenge)
  • Creator of H2H KettleBell Drills (i.e. KettleBell Juggling)
  • CrossFit Science of Exercise and Level 2 Certified
  • First Instructor to ever implement a KettleBell program into a Federal Law Enforcement Academy (2001-03)

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Master of Sport, Long Cycle (Double KettleBell Clean and Jerk)
  • 2 x North American Record Holder in Long Cycle (Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk)
  • Candidate Master of Sport, Snatch (Kettlebell)
  • North American Record Holder in Snatch (Kettlebell)
  • A life long competitor, Jeff actively trains in BJJ, boxing and shooting sports.

Jeff balances all of this while presenting at national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He also provides a low profile operator development program for the Nuclear National Security Administration. His client base includes CrossFit Athletes, elite level lifters,top MMA Coaches and Fighters, multiple Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies, including specials operation personnel.