Joe Craig

Joe Craig

Lead Trainer at Rx Smart Gear

4x Southern California Regional athlete


Joe has been an athlete all his life starting at the young age of 4 with football, gymnastics, wrestling and baseball.  After graduating high school and years of competitive sports he decided to join the U.S. Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer.  While attending Rescue Swimmer school he discovered Crossfit and used it to propel his training to the next level. He went on to set many swimming and running records during his time at Rescue Swimmer School and was selected as Honor Man of his graduating class. Soon after he moved to San Diego, Ca, obtained his Level 1 cert and continued to advance in his naval career by being selected as Aircrewman of the year for 2013. 


I am also proud to be one of the earliest test cases for the Rx Method as Dave Newman we developing the first generation Rx Jump Rope prototypes in early 2009. Dave and I would spend hours before and after work out testing, videotaping and analyzing jump rope dynamics in conjunction with the bio mechanics of the human body.  I am both humbled and mesmerized how our late night obsession has grown into one of the premier teaching methods that allows me to travel the globe instructing workshops to eager coaches, students and world class athletes alike.


After serving six years in the U.S. Navy he got out on honorable discharge and became the Lead Trainer and promotions manager at Rx Smart Gear.