John Macready

Flip Fest Camp Owner
1996 Olympian
Host of all USA Gymnastics Events

John has participated in the sport of gymnastics his entire life. He was a competitive gymnast and a member of the United States Senior National Team from 1993-2000. He was a member of the 1995 and 1997 World Championship Teams as well as the 1996 Olympic Team. He retired from competitive gymnastics in 2000 but has continued to remain closely involved in the sport. Since 1996, John has traveled the country doing appearances at corporations and various gymnastics clubs. Many of these visits involve motivational speaking, coaching, teaching other coaches and coordinating appearances by other high profile athletes and coaches.

John has participated in summer camps in various capacities since 1996 when he first attended a camp as a guest coach. In 2001, John took over a small camp operated out of a club called Premier Gymnastics in Knoxville, Tennessee. At the time, the camp had an attendance of approximately 50 campers annually and was a one-week camp. Since John has taken it over and renamed it Flip Fest, it has grown to just over 1,500 campers and covers 10 weeks in June through August. As co-owner of the camp, John is involved in every aspect of camp operations. These include advertising, hiring of coaches and celebrity guests, camper registration, housing, food service, scheduling, entertainment and transportation.

Since 2001, John has worked with USA Gymnastics to enhance their major gymnastic events. These include the American Cup, Visa Championships, the 2003 World Championships and Olympic Trials. His primary role is an emcee for these events. He handles competition promotions, interviews and crowd entertainment. Not only has this opportunity kept John very visible within the sport, but also it has allowed him to remain involved with many of the high profile and prominent members of the gymnastics community and USA Gymnastics.

Most recently John participated in the 2004 TJ Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions both as a member of the cast and as a creative director. In 2004, this tour traveled the country to 42 cities and performed in front of over a quarter of a million people. John has become very well known in the gymnastics community for his performances, and this has earned him a high level of recognition and popularity among young gymnasts around the country.