Power Monkey is starting a cool new project and could use your help!
1)Please film yourself doing 30 sec of each of these 3 movements:
       -Forward Lunges
       -V Ups *(a good rep will start & finish with both hands and feet touching the ground)
2)Perform reps that you would consider BOTH good and bad reps.  They don’t need to be in any order.  You can mix in good and bad reps and have the bad reps have different reasons as to why they would be no repped.
3)Please film on either a laptop, tablet, or phone.  Must be filmed horizontally (landscape mode).
4)Please make sure the whole body (all limbs) are in the shot throughout the 30 sec for all videos.  We can’t use the video if limbs go out of frame.
5)Please shoot all videos with one person at a time in the frame, at 30 or 45 degree angle *PLEASE REFER TO THE EXAMPLE VIDEO BELOW*