Important Message from Team Power Monkey

18 September 2019

Community, integrity, and excellence are central to Power Monkey's mission. We strive to be a source of inspiration and support for anyone who takes a clinic, attends Power Monkey Camp, follows our programming, or participates in our offerings in any other way.

We care deeply about each and every person that is part of our Power Monkey community. It goes beyond fitness — it's a movement to support and inspire you on your path to becoming your strongest self.

We are writing today in a public statement to affirm our values and to address an extraordinary situation whereby we have ended all ties with Whitney Bozzer. She has recently admitted that, during the time we have been associated with her, she fabricated her medical diagnosis and treatment. This admission has been a shock and disappointment to many of us who have worked hard to build an inclusive and open-hearted Power Monkey community. Power Monkey Fitness has removed the Camp Scholarship in her name and we will not be associated with her moving forward.

We are saddened by these extreme circumstances but will continue to support those in need through our scholarships and programs

We do not have any other information or details to share at this time, and we understand that you may have questions or comments to share with us. If you want to share your thoughts, comments, or inquiries with us we can only accept them at the following email: Please note that due to the sensitivity of this matter we cannot comment further about it

Thank you for being a part of our community — especially to those of you who have supported us through this challenging situation. 

In strength, 
Team Power Monkey