Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings
Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings
Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings
Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings
Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings

Belle & Bell Seamless Crush Leggings

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The crush fabric material is extra silky soft, with a higher spandex content than our INSPIRE leggings. They are super lightweight, and as some of our ambassadors have said, "make you feel like you're wearing nothing, without the awkwardness of wearing nothing!"

Here are the stats on the Seamless Crush leggings:

+ 7/8 / ankle length (see the inseam chart below. Please note, this is the length when laid flat - the length will stretch a bit when it's worn!)
+ High rise waist
+ Ultra soft, thin fabric to keep you cool and comfortable (all leggings feature a 80/20 polyester/spandex blend. The Heather Knit feature a 36% Nylon / 44% polyester / 20% Spandex blend)
+ Runs true to size unless noted below in the size notes- these will look small when you pull them out of the package, but they have a beautiful stretch to them!
+ When sized correctly, these are squat-proof, don't roll at the waist, and never sag
+ Did we mention, SUPER soft?? :)

All leggings come with a care instruction card, but a few things to note:

+ This fabric is more delicate than the INSPIRE fabric. We recommend keeping it away from anything super abrasive (including cement, extra rough gym floors or walls) or from velcro/hooks that may be on other items in the wash. You don't want this fabric to get pulled!
+ We always recommend washing in cool water with like colors, and drying on low (or laying flat to dry)

These leggings run true to size! Here is a general guide if you need help choosing the right size:

Size 0-2 : XS // inseam 24"
Size 4-6 : Small // inseam 24.5"
Size 6-8 : Medium // inseam 25"
Size 8-10 : Large // inseam 25.5"
Size 12-16 : XL // inseam 26"


Regular color names = Run true to size

"Silky" colors = This material is slightly more stretchy and slightly less compressive than the "regular" line. They run the same size wise, but if you are looking for more compression, consider sizing down or going with a "regular" color.

"Compression" colors = Slightly more compressive and run smaller than the "regular" line. Consider sizing up if you aren't looking for a more compressive fit, especially if the "regular" line fits snug.

Check out our Instagram "Seamless Crush Leggings" Story Highlights for more details, product reviews, etc of the leggings!