Power Monkey Podcast 181 - Adrian Bozman Part 2

The 2023 CrossFit Games begins THIS week, and we are excited to have the man behind all of the event programming on to chat. Adrian Bozman is one of our favorites, and not just because he is incredibly talented at what he does, but he is also one of the best humans that we know. We are grateful that he took the time just before flying to Madison to chat with us about the upcoming Games. Of course we wanted to get all the details about what to expect this week, and obviously THAT was off the table, but we did chat about the new more aggressive cuts during competition that are being implemented this year, as well as what its like having THE Dave Castro back to lead the Games team. Mostly though we chatted about Adrians overall philosophy regarding programming and the mindset that he feels an athlete must have to reach their absolute best, not just at the Games, but in life.

We were stoked to have Adrian on again, and we wish the entire Games team all the best this week as they undoubtably will be putting on another incredible event.

Adrian's IG: @apbozman




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