1) Take the Ring Thing out of the bag and spread it out on the floor.

2) Before hanging, make sure the leg straps on belt will be facing DOWN when hanging, with inside of belt facing in direction in which you want to be doing the movements.

3) Unravel coiled webbing and throw over desired bar/beam, making sure webbing is untangled. Provided webbing allows for hanging of Ring Thing from heights ranging from 8ft-15ft. Insert webbing through the metal clasp allowing teeth to grab tight. Adjust both sides until the desired height is reached.

4) Ring Things use Harken Pulleys with swivels to allow for forward and backward movements without webbing tangle. A key ring has been put in place to keep the shackle pin from coming undone. And a pulley cover is sewn on to prevent any unnecessary items such as clothing getting caught in the pulley.

5) Line up pulleys so they are at the exact same height. This will allow for proper alignment of rings and belt.

6) Distance between the rings should be approximately equal to the shoulder width of the user.

7) Once the Ring Thing is hanging properly, roll up excess webbing and fasten using velcro piece positioned by clasps to keep out of the way.

8) Adjust webbing through clips in the front and/or the back of the belt to ensure a snug fit. The webbing on the back clip should be running over the teeth of the buckle (as shown below). Clip in front buckle until it CLICKS and fasten velcro around waist. Rope attachment points on belt should be directly at sides of user to allow for best results. (*If the points are not in proper position, body tilting will occur.)


9) Run leg straps around upper thigh and clip into place, adjusting excess webbing for a snug fit.

10) Pull down on excess webbing from side clips to keep legs straps in place.



-Belt should be snug and secured with velcro prior to use.The belt should sit across belly button area. Belt can be adjusted from the front and back to allow for a large range of waist sizes.

-Leg straps are included for extra support and stability. Using the leg straps is not required, but recommended to help keep belt in place during movements. Avoid over-tightening leg straps which could decrease circulation.

-Be advised that baggy clothing can sometimes get caught in pulley system.

-With legs being in close contact with pulleys on inversion skills, there is the possibility of skin getting pinched by pulleys. When doing inversion skills, try not to wrap legs around ropes/ webbing.


Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of accidental injury, including permanent paralysis and even death. The ring thing is meant to be used ONLY by properly trained participants under supervised conditions. The use of the ring thing without proper supervision can be DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT be undertaken or permitted.

Before using, KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS and limitations of this device. If in doubt, always consult your instructor.

Inspect the ring thing prior to and after use for damage, defects or wear, including tears in belt and attachments points and/or fraying or ropes/webbing. Damaged product should be repaired or replaced immediately. If in doubt, do not use this product.