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A modified and updated version of a gymnastics training tool ("the dream machine"), the RING THING® allows you to properly develop a variety of skills such as
+ Muscle-Ups
+ Handstand Push-Ups
+ Front Levers
+ Back Levers
+ Planches
+ Ring Push-Ups
+ Rows
+ Pistol Squats
and more!


the power monkey ring thing is designed by elite level gymnasts to help people of all levels learn high level skills

Maybe you dream of doing your first strict ring muscle-up, iron cross, planche or you are coming from an injury and want to slowly build back the higher level skills you were comfortable with pre-injury.

The Ring Thing will allows you to work safely and effectively by reducing your body weight by 50%. You'll build proper technique with your pull-up, muscle-up, iron cross and much more.


Photo of the Ring Thing Gymnastics rings.

FIG Standard Gymnastics Rings

Our Gymnastics Rings meet the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) standards.

The FIG has been the governing body for Gymnastics worldwide recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is the oldest established international federation of any Olympic sport.

Photograph of the Ring Thing Adjustable Belt.

Adjustable Belt and Leg Straps

The Ring Thing belts are adjustable from the front and the back. We also offer various sizing options to support maximum comfortability.

The included leg straps are both adjustable and removable for when you are ready to modify the level of support.

easy set up for the home or gym

Whether you are working out from your home or a gym, the Ring Thing can easily be set up in either location allowing you to bring your gymnastics training with you wherever you go.

If you intend on setting up The Ring Thing in your personal gym, we recommend a ceiling or bar height of at least 8 feet high. The maximum height allowed for the current pulley and stap system is 15 feet.

Ring Thing User Testimonials


Expensive, but there really is nothing else like it. The kids and I use it to allow us to perform advanced calisthenic and gymnastic moves that otherwise we would have absolutely no chance of doing - such as muscle ups, full front and back levers, planche, iron crosses...

I find it inspiring and confidence building.


I have been playing around with the Ring Thing since it came out 6+ years ago. As an elite athlete in a sport very different than gymnastics, this device quickly and safely allowed me to start involving basic and higher level gymnastics drills and skills into my training.

I have had one of these for almost a year now. It is completely a game changer. It allows for working on ring skills with perfect movement mechanics by taking 50% off your weight off. When you are working on gymnastics skills, each rep is a maximal effort. I certainly can't do 3 sets of 10 strict muscle-ups, but I can with the Ring Thing. And unlike bands, the amount of assist is consistent through the movement. Not to mention that it is extremely well made.

✜ Designed by Elite Athletes: Developed by Dave Durante (2008 Mens Gymnastics Olympic Team Member) to help encourage a love and appreciation for high level gymnastics and functional fitness skills

✜ Customizable: The Ring Thing is equipped with an adjustable belt in the front and back, adjustable pulley straps, and adjustable and removable leg straps

✜ Learn Anywhere: We've designed this system for easy set up in a home or gym setting.

power monkey training

ring thing: introduction

Download the Power Monkey Training app and receive an in-depth plan for athletes at all levels.

Learn how to optimize your Ring Thing training. Increase proficiency in movements by eliminating half of your body weight from the equationn.


Absolutely! We recommend wearing a weight vest or better yet, hanging weight from a weight belt.

If you are hanging the heavier weight, we recommend tying a safety knot in the webbing from the buckle for some additional security.

Our recommendation to feel a Bar Muscle-Up movement pattern would be to put a sturdy PVC or dowel between the rings and use that as the Bar.

Yes, we don't recommend using more than a total of 400 lbs (body weight + added weight).

If you are hanging the heavier weight, we recommend tying a safety knot in the webbing from the buckle for some additional security.

Unfortunately at this time we only ship domestically. We cannot ship the Ring Thing outside the U.S.