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Power Monkey Training?

A skill-building fitness app, crafted by elite coaches with extensive experience, providing comprehensive, tailored programs of all levels.

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Whether you dream of doing your first pull-up or seek to improve your competitive performance, The Power Monkey Training App is your guide to achieving those milestones.

Build the strength and stability to reach those goals. Review some of our most popular plans and find your customized skill plan below.


skill plans

Assessment-based programs built for you! Power Monkey Training guides you through proper technique and movement patterns to master your dream skills.

‣ Get your First Pull-Up
‣ Strict Bar-Muscle Up
‣ Kipping Ring Muscle Up

increase your


Utilize Volume plans when you have "graduated" from a skills program! Designed specifically for athletes who are looking to gain efficiency in movements

‣ Snatch Foundations
‣ Handstand Push-Ups
‣ Kipping Ring Muscle-Ups

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Our version of a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) A complete program to build strength, stability, and mobility within a specific modality.

Colin Geraghty

Colin is an experienced gymnastics and weight training coach, with over ten years at CrossFit Milford and a lead coach at Power Monkey Fitness since 2013.

He is currently the Director of Programming for Power Monkey, providing gymnastics training programs globally through the Power Monkey Training App.

Dave Durante

Dave Durante is a former USA Gymnastics National Champion and 2008 Beijing Olympic Team alternate. He coached Stanford University to an NCAA Team Title in 2009.

He is the co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness and Camp; has developed courses for CrossFit Gymnastics, and served on the USA Gymnastics Men's Technical Committee.

michael cerbus

Mike Cerbus is an elite level Team USA weightlifter with medals at National and American Open Championships. He competed in US Pan American and Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012.

He is the lead Weightlifting Coach at Power Monkey Fitness, training athletes from beginners to international competitors.

Text "what users are saying" for testimonials about the Power Monkey Training app.

These guys have it figured out! The progressions, periodization, and instructional videos have made gymnastics work fun and i'm definitely seeing results!

I got my first bar muscle-up and the other programs are the perfect supplement to my jiu jitsu and Olympic lifting.

When it comes to CrossFit and Gymnastics, there's a lot of template programming options floating around out there, but nothing as comprehensive and efficient as this one! Highly recommend it!


Proper technique keeps injuries down while helping me get stronger and learn new skills. Power Monkey Fitness is the best there is!

I had rotator cuff surgery last Feburary and was looking for a program to help me get my ring muscle ups back. I just completed 12 weeks of power monkey kipping rmus and was able to get multiple rmus within a wod. The app is great and easy to follow. The step by step program is geared for success, increased my shoulder mobility, strength and overall shoulder health.


✜ Programs Built by Elite Athletes: Gymnastics programs designed by Dave Durante and Colin Geraghty. Weightlifting programs built by Mike Cerbus.

✜ Customized Programs: Strength and Mobility assessments builds a program that is tailored to your skill level.

✜ Coach Feedback: Contact us throughout your training for feedback on your progress and performance.

Photo of a dave durante doing a technically perfect handstand


Comprehensive fitness programming for athletes of every level. The App provides a personalized experience–with a strength assessment determining the level and a mobility assessment determining the mobility/stability components.



You'll have access to over 20 programs in the app, plus our entire movement video library.

Absolutely. They are designed for the beginner in mind! When you start a program, you'll take an assessment that will identify your current strength and mobility level.

Your plan will be tailored to your answers. Plus you'll have video breakdowns of all movements programmed so you can verify that you are completing the movements with intention. If you are ever stuck, you can reach out to a coach via the in-app chat function.

Exercise tutorials, extensive coaches notes, and an extensive video database library.

There are four different training tracks:
SKILL - Assessment based program specific to your needs
VOLUME - for the competitive athletes looking to build volume around a specific skill
MONKEY METHOD - The complete gymnastics program that incorporates facets of bar, ring, handstand, core and mobility work into an accessible weekly plan
365 - Designed to give athletes an introductory approach through 5-10 minutes of daily training sessions to foundational movements

It depends on the plan. The majority of the plans can be done in conjunction with other training.

Many athletes have paired different skill plans together. Contact us for advice on mixing plans together.

SKILL: 30min-60min (2-3x per week), 12 week cycles

VOLUME: 30-60min (2x per week), 8 week cycle

MONKEY METHOD: 45-60min (Beg/int 3x week, Adv 6x week- 3x are optional)

365: 5-15min (daily), 1 year cycle