Power Monkey Podcast 187 - Hood To Coast Relay Race

Last week, a team of 12 Monkeys (Great movie by the way), descended upon Portland Oregon to tackle a legendary 200-mile relay race from Mt. Hood to the beautiful Oregon coast.

They ran straight through the night. There were laughs, there were tears, there were...moments of delirium. But all in all, what transpired was an incredible 36 hours of overcoming physical and mental adversity, team building, and strengthening of already incredible bonds.

This episode brings just a few of the 12 members on to chat a bit about the experience as a whole, and to highlight a few moments that stood out.

The bottom line is that we ALL should periodically seek out opportunities to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. It is a healthy act that will not only fortify your resolve but will elevate your happiness, confidence, and sense of purpose as well.


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