Power Monkey Podcast 195 - Dr. Julie Foucher

We are excited to welcome our friend, Dr. Julie Foucher, onto the show. As many of you may know, Julie had an incredible career as a CrossFit Games Athlete before she retired from the competition world and continued pursuing her medical career. Today, she is a practicing functional medicine physician within a direct primary care model at Wild Health.

Julie takes a holistic approach to wellness with her patients, and this is where the bulk of the conversation centered today. She shares some insights and strategies regarding how everyone can participate more in their health, with actionable steps to take.

We also spent some time discussing emotional health and how important this is when it comes to legitimate health concerns.

This episode was one of our favorites, packed with helpful information. We can not wait until we can have Dr. Julie on again!

Julie's IG: @juliefoucher

Wild Health: www.wildhealth.com


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