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Power Monkey Fitness

Our Mission

Power Monkey Fitness is a collective of the world’s top coaches and athletes on a mission to help you become your strongest self.

We are a fitness education company that believes #TechniqueMatters and we're dedicated to being your top resource for safe progressions for all types of movement. We teach a foundational understanding of what are considered high-level movements, but break them down in such a way that anyone and everyone can learn. Our staff of physical therapists ensure our curriculum includes sound correctives to prevent injuries and manage common errors.

We believe that training technique is imperative. Training proper technique will ensure longevity and help you reach heights with your athletic performance you never thought were possible.

Our History

The Power Monkey story begins in the most unexpected of places. Dave Durante and Shane Geraghty met as acrobats on the set of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show in New York in 2010.

Fitness trends at the time were embracing gymnastics with renewed enthusiasm. As former elite gymnasts who had dedicated their lives to the sport, Dave and Shane quickly realized the opportunity at hand: people were hungry for knowledge but there was little access to gymnastics education for the average fitness enthusiast.

For the first time in their lives, they were seeing rings hanging up in gyms around the world, and adults interested in learning how to do a handstand! The only problem was that people were quickly getting injured and giving up with frustration. They saw that even the most knowledgeable fitness trainers could be completely lost when trying to make gymnastics movements more approachable to their athletes. Adults were interested yet completely intimidated and didn’t have the guidance to fully understand the path to unlocking these skills.

Power Monkey Fitness was born when Dave and Shane devoted themselves to bringing their expertise to anyone who wanted to learn. They wanted to share the techniques, progressions, and methodology that had guided their own lifetime of training so that people would be able to learn skills safely and confidently and to be able to train for the rest of their lives.

Since beginning with gymnastics, Power Monkey has expanded to other sports including Olympic weightlifting, running, rowing, kettlebells, and more. All of the techniques we teach have been cultivated from years of elite training. Our coaches were all elite athletes (Pan Am, World, and Olympic Team Members) that have transitioned into coaching now that they have retired from competition.

At Power Monkey Fitness, we are proud to deliver fitness content and education that will help you achieve—and go beyond—your goals.

What We Offer

We teach our signature Power Monkey Training content at our training events and through our programming.

Our biggest event, Power Monkey Camp, brings together coaches from across the world that believe in and practice our methodology. It is a weeklong fitness retreat for all levels where you come away not only with extensive knowledge, but a broader community of like-minded people in the fitness world.

Power Monkey Camp-Online is a first-person lecture series hosted by top-level athletes and coaches in their field. As an online camper, you will move through over 22 hours of fitness course material, highlighting safe progressions for what might be considered elite level movements. Plus, you’ll receive a foundational understanding of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, aerobic capacity, rowing, kettlebells, jump rope, and much more. There are also lectures on mental toughness, nutrition, programming, and pain prevention.

We also host Power Monkey Courses around the world. We've taught in over 60 countries since we first started coaching in 2009. Our community of Power Monkey athletes (our 'Power Monkey Family') inspires us every single day.

Finally, you can train with us through the Power Monkey App (skill-specific programming available for both iOS and Android). If you've ever wanted to learn a handstand, or a pull up, or refine your technique with gymnastics and weightlifting—or you're looking for a high quality accessory program to add to your current training regiment, you've come to the right place. 


To get in touch with Team Power Monkey, email us at info@powermonkeyfitness.com or drop us a message through the Intercom chatbot (the yellow pop-up in the right-hand corner).

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