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The Why

After traveling the world for the past 5 years teaching seminars and camps to athletes and owners of all levels, it has become very clear that what is missing for most people is the critical step of building better movement patterns through more stability and mobility specific drills.

The drills and exercises in this plan are inspired by what we assign to our individual athletes. They're also the exercises we use in our own training and with partnering gyms.

This program is a collaboration and accumulation of more than 50 years of sport specific training adapted to a population that has expressed a desire and need for PROGRESSIVE and VALIDATED movement methods.

The Intent

This plan is an accessory plan, meant be done in conjunction with other plans. Implementing in its entirety or choosing single days will add measurable value to any GPP, functional fitness, or sport specific programming. This plan supports movement quality through consistent technical application and awareness.

The Structure

This plan’s structure takes the shape of the Power Monkey: Hierarchy of Movement, which is built according to a 4-phase process outlined below:

**GYMNASTICS HIERARCHY **                                                                                                                      
     Phase 1: Creation of Body Shapes                                                                          
           *core work                                                                                                                         
     Phase 2: Static Holds and Controlled Movement                                                   
     Phase 3: Dynamic Action                                                                                             
     Phase 4: Creation of Sequences/Complexes/Routines       

      Phase 1: Foundational Strength
     *Squat Focus, Mobility, Comfort, Strength
*Support Strength
 Phase 2: Positional Awareness
Phase 3: Complexes, Rhythm & Timing
Phase 4: Accumulation of Quality & Intensity

**Month 1-3:**  Phase 1 Focus
**Month 4-6:**  Phase 2 Focus
**Month 7-9:**  Phase 3 Focus
**Month 10-12:**  Phase 4 Focus

**Amount of Time Needed: **
        20-30 min per session
      * -We intend these workouts to be shorter (20-30 min in length) and to be done either on their own or at the end of a workout.  The warm up exercises are recommended each session. However, if an athlete is fully warmed from a previous workout, it is appropriate to jump right into the listed exercises for the day to save time.  For best results, we recommend completing each session as prescribed.*

**Days per week: **
        6 days a week
          -2 gymnastics days (Monday/Thursday)
        -2 weightlifting days (Tuesday/Wednesday)
        -1 combo gymnastics/weightlifting (Friday)
        -1 core/mobility only (Saturday)
               **Depending on what athletes would like to implement

**Cycles: **
             Each month is meant to build on specific drills with each month switching the skill/movement focus.  Targeting and movement patterns that will change or progress each cycle.

How to attack this plan

Ideally, we recommend athletes starting from the first workout in Phase 1 and building through the plan organically.  If an athlete is looking to specifically focus on accessory work according to an area of weakness (ie: core work, dynamic action, etc.) it is possible to move to the start of one of those phases as needed.