Workout notes from Power Monkey Kettlebell coach, AJ Kara:

Couplets usually mean one thing, it's time to sprint! And this workout has that exact same intent... But the real question is your grip up to the task? Anyone can take a kettlebell and get it over their head, but a correct Kettlebell snatch should allow you to not only move the weight quickly and efficiently, but to do so while saving your grip. Just like you wouldn't death grip the bar on your toes to bar sets, if you death grip the handle on your snatches, your grip will be busted later in your workout. So while these kettlebell reps are split evenly between your arms going 11/11, 8/8 and 5/5, and you're only using a kettlebell weight of 53/35, if you don't focus on inserting your hand into the window of the bell overhead, not only will you miss your chance at hitting this unbroken, you may find yourself breaking early and often.
22-16-10 reps for time, 
Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch
Toes to Bar

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