Hips & Grips

This one comes down to Jeff Martone's old favorite saying of "Hips and Grips."
In this workout, you need to be mindful of your grip at all times. Overly muscle your rope climbs, and your snatches will suffer. But in the same regard, if you muscle through those snatches, you're going to find yourself shaking your arms out quite a bit at the rope as well.
Smooth even pulls on your rope climbs will help you carry that same thought process into your snatches. And that is the fact that your hips are what's powering the bell through its arc in the snatch. If you try and "pull' it over your head in a straight line, your grip will catch up with you quick. Avoid a death grip on the bell and let your hips do the work for more success in this workout. -AJ Kara
15 Minute EMOM
1 Legless Rope Climb
5 Kettlebell Snatches (70/53)

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