This is the first of our "Legends" series workouts. As a LEGENDS partner, we're excited to highlight their apparel in our courses, camps, retreats, and now with these Legends workouts.

Our first LEGENDS workout, is dedicated to "JR," John Roethlisberger. One of my idols in gymnastics and proud friend. He is the epitome of a legend with a tenacious and unrivaled work ethic. In gymnastics, he was not known as a pure talent but rather someone who maximized his athletic potential by grinding harder than everyone else.

I put this workout together with John in mind. This long workout forces you to grind through and chip away. Rope climbs are an exercise we would do each day as part of our warm-up routine. Legless from seated position AND must show control on the descent back to the seated start position.

Pistols pay homage to the knee issues that John and I suffered throughout our careers. We've had many knee surgeries between the two of us, and I wanted an exercise here that highlighted that it's possible to overcome injuries and become stronger because of those injuries.

Lastly, the wall walk is a classic gymnastics exercise to showcase shoulder strength. John was built like an action figure, all shoulders. So with that in mind,  the wall walks acknowledge one of his greatest strengths.

Scale on the movements as needed.

The primary purpose is to push the pace for the full 20 min. Leave it all out there, just as John did every day in the gym.


"JR" presented by LEGENDS
20 minute AMRAP
1 legless Rope Climb
20 Pistols
5 Wall Walks

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