There is a wide range to this type of workout. This style can be utilized for easy paced technique sessions, as well as all out running efforts to make the gymnastics movements harder. Using strict instead of kipping movements balances the focus from just a heavy breathing session to more of a gymnastics strength + breathing session. I would use low rep counts to focus on body control with all of the movements up until the burpees at the end.  Dumbbells go over head on each reps, and hands must stay on the dumbbells at all times to maintain continuous movement - no exceptions. *Tuck the ice cream makers or scale to swinging ring pull ups if needed.

-Colin Geraghty


For Time:

800m Run + 3 Rounds:
10 Strict Handstand Push Ups
10 Ice Cream Makers

800m Run + 3 Rounds:
10 L-Sit Chin Ups
10 Strict Ring Dips

800m Run + 3 Rounds:
10 Strict Knees to Elbow
10 Dumbbell Burpees (20lbs)

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