RX Complex

This week our friends at RX Smart Gear are "jumping" in on the fun! The Rx Complex is a fun way to test your coordination, motor skill as well as brain power while jumping rope.

It is also a fun, scalable challenge formatted in an ascending rep scheme that allows you to strive for a new personal benchmark each time you attempt it. The Rx Complex will reinforce proper hand positioning and rope placement as your jumping pattern rotates from each movement to the next. It will also challenge your rope speed and tempo control requiring you to maintain a consistent speed in order to progress up the ladder.

The focus should be to maintain consistent hand placement and wrist rotations outside your hip crease. Keep your hands visible in your peripheral vision to ensure proper rope contact on the ground. The transition from each jumping pattern should be smooth and seamless while staying light on the balls of your feet. Once a round is completed without any breaks, continue on by adding 5 additional reps of each movement. You will find more success if your single unders are performed at a higher tempo of 180 beats per minute then focus on floaty, methodical double unders around 100 beats per minute. Upon transitioning from double unders back to single unders you want to reduce your rope speed on the first rep to allow the rope to sync with your elevation change.

Reaching round 25 is a strong intermediate level. Reaching round 50 is advanced. And anything over 75 rounds is Expert level. Good luck and let us know how high you can climb the Rx Complex ladder! 

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