Rotational core work seems to take a back seat many times and it is critical to building a strong overall core. This particular WOD is something I've done for years with my clients. It is challenging both mentally and physically. Think of this as a speed exercise. Work back and forth as fast as possible to minimize the amount of time holding in the tuck position. Slow reps will make this even harder! Don't be deceived. The first 50 or so reps might seem easy, but it will drop off very quickly after that! Be smart with how you break up the reps. If you want to challenge for a top time, try to go unbroken. Last 30+reps will be a mental test! Reps only count when both hands touch both sides. Rep is counted 1 on each side so 300 reps total (150 each side)
150 Russian Twists for time
Scale: 100 reps


  • Katy

    2:35. Not unbroken. 🤣🔥

  • Lori

    3:43 definitely doing it again.

  • Nichole

    3:05…clearly I need more core work here…. haha. Good job all!

  • Julie

    That was a good one! 3:34, had to take a couple breaks!

  • Jordan

    That hurt :)
    Set of 110, break, set of 40

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