At Power Monkey Fitness, we are a technique-focused company.  However, as a group of former elite athletes, we've always retained a little competitive spirit. If you have ever been to a challenge night at Power Monkey Camp, you've seen this firsthand!

Workouts will be released every Thursday morning and will include videos, technique tips, and the intention behind the workout from the Power Monkey Coach who created it.

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Programmed by Power Monkey Coach, Colin Geraghty 

"A great little test workout for those working on rmu technique under high heart rate + grip/pull endurance. The descending rep scheme is designed to allow for clean focused MU reps without having to rest and recover too much - that really depends on the athlete though. Movement efficiency and pacing is the key!"




For Time
10 Ring Muscle Up - 1k Row
8 Ring MU - 800m Row
6 Ring MU - 600m Row
4 Ring MU - 400m Row
2 Ring MU - 200m Row


To Scale,
20 Swinging Ring Pull Up + 20 Ring Push Up - 1K Row
16 SRPU + 16 RPU -  800m Row   
12 SRPU + 12 RPU - 600m Row
8 SRPU + 8 RPU - 400m Row
4 SRPU + 4 RPU - 200m Row

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  • Dave Durante

    Time: 13:52

    I tried to push it a little more than I normally would on the row because the MU are manageable for me. All unbroken on the MU. Worked on a fast transition on the rower as best as possible. For most people grip may be a factor here, so massage out forearms during transitions or during MU rest. If you know you are going to have to break up the MU from the start, stay consistent with the rest between. I think I can go faster, so I’ll be doing this one again. Even though I am not built for rowing, I enjoy it. These 2 exercises together are a good match 💪🏼🐒

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