PMPC117 - Amy Bream

Amy was one of the inaugural athletes in the adaptive division at the 2021 CrossFit Games. More impressive than that, Amy only began crossfitting the January before. Amy was born missing her right leg, as such, she falsely believe for the majority of her life that she was simply not athletic, and in many ways did not feel confident as well. What she eventually discovered however was that she was telling herself this falsehood simply out of fear. Since then Amy has continued to prove her old mindset wrong by not just trying things she thought were not possible but by showing a high level of virtuosity in many of the things that she previously thought she couldn't do: CrossFit, Kickboxing, Swimming, etc. And now she is a proud athlete, sponsored by Nike. These days Amy has an incredible attitude and mindset, and we believe all of our listeners will get something of value after listening to her on this episode.

IG & TikTok: @onelegtostandon



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