PMPC134 - Adrian Bozman


This week we are fortunate enough to have Adrian "Boz" Bozman, Director of the CrossFit Games on the podcast. Boz is fresh off programming his first Games ever. If you are only familiar with Boz as the Games head judge, then you are about to learn that he is an incredibly articulate, intelligent, and kind human, who put a lot of intentional thought behind this years Games.

We discussed why certain movements were chosen for the 2022 Games, favorite moments for Boz, and lessons learned this year. It became apparent that Boz and Power Monkey have essentially identical philosophies on movement practice, this conversation turned toward how this philosophy impacted his decisions when programming the various events. There are even some nuggets in there about where the programming may go in the future, if you're willing to "read between the lines". We hope you enjoy this episode, we certainly did.

Boz's IG: @apbozman


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