PMPC135 - Deep End Fitness

Today we welcome Don Tran and Prime Hall onto the podcast. Don and Prime are former Marine Raiders from within the special operations community and underwater survival instructors. Together they have leveraged their years of training and learning and brought what they found to be an essential method of training that was missing from within the fitness community. They utilize their unique approach to stressful situations to help achieve their mission of promoting a positive shift in mental and physical health. One of the key techniques they employee is their F.R.E.E system: Focus, Relaxation, Economy of movement, and Efficient breathing. This coupled with their other methodologies have allowed them to see marked benefits in participant performance both in and out of sport, as well as benefits when it comes to other mental issues such as depression and anxiety. In fact they are days away from publishing their study on the subject that was performed with Arizona State University. We are excited to have them on the show, and are looking forward to visiting them in Southern California to experience all of this first hand.

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Whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey or you are an avid workout enthusiast, a jump rope is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you should have in your workout arsenal and I cannot recommend RX Smart Gear jump ropes highly enough.

Not only are they dedicated to constantly improving and challenging the community with their variety of ropes, but they are dedicated to the education when it comes to their ropes and promote proper movement and technique patterns which we love at Power Monkey Fitness.

They’ve recently launched their new Frevo rope, made of a high impact polymer that can withstand a 50# dumbbell impact.