PMPC151 - CJ Martin

CJ Martin is one of the truly original G's on the CrossFit scene, having started in 2006 and quickly transitioning into coaching and then owning what would become one of the most successful and recognized CrossFit gyms in the world: CrossFit Invictus. We go through what was effectively CJ's "Origin Story" and how the many years of coaching CrossFit Games athletes have given him a unique perspective, not just on programming and running a gym, but on what should and should NOT be part of a young teen athletes training journey...this part may be surprising to many of our listeners...but we think CJ's is on to something here.

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4:00 - CJ’s involvement with the Masters Fitness Collective

8:30 - Why CJ does CrossFit

9:45 - Where does CJ’s passion lie

12:00 - How the coach/athlete relationship affects programming and the coaching

13:15 - Making the career change from lawyer to gym owner

16:00 - Helping others

18:30 - CJ athletic history

21:15 - How CJ’s mindset set him apart

27:15 - What sets Invictus apart

28:15 - Relationships within coaching

31:40 - Trust within the coach/athlete relationship

33:00 - Athlete ownership

37:00 - Culture of customization

42:20 - Invictus coaches development

43:00 - Remote coaching

51:00 - Difference in working with Masters athlete’s verses others

52:15 - Is Crossfit still a specialization sport for teens

53:30 - Diversifying within sport

57:45 - Social component of other sports vs Crossfit

59:00 - CJ’s love for baseball

63:00 - Last min questions