PMPC160 - Open 23.3

The Open is coming to an end, and this week's workout, 23.3, is going to be intense. To help you prepare, we've brought in Chad Vaughn and Chris Hinshaw to join Dave Durante in breaking down and strategizing the workout.

Chris focuses on transitions and proper pacing for what will likely be a sprint for most athletes. Remember to breathe during the double unders – it will be your friend. Chad provides insight into how to approach the snatches based on your max. Considering squat snatches? That's not a bad idea.

Finally, Dave discusses the new handstand push-up standard. The kipping technique is out, and strict is in – hopefully for good. Stay consistent on the wall walks and enjoy the workout. Have a plan and maintain a steady pace throughout.

Keep these tips in mind as you take on 23.3, and good luck!


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