Power Monkey Podcast 171 - Zack Height


Join our conversation with Zack Height, a remarkable athlete on a transformative journey, transitioning from competitive sports and CrossFit to a more holistic approach to fitness centered around hand balancing and mobility work. In this episode, we get into Zack's compelling story, exploring his shift from traditional athletic pursuits to a profound focus on body awareness, work ethic, and the joy of continuous learning.

Zacks IG: @zackheight



RXSG: https://www.rxsmartgear.com/

Whether you are just starting out in your fitness journey or you are an avid workout enthusiast, a jump rope is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you should have in your workout arsenal and Team Power Monkey cannot recommend RX Smart Gear jump ropes highly enough.

Not only are they dedicated to constantly improving and challenging the community with their variety of ropes, but they are dedicated to the education when it comes to their ropes and promote proper movement and technique patterns which we love at Power Monkey Fitness.

They’ve recently launched their new Frevo rope, made of a high impact polymer that can withstand a 50# dumbbell impact.