Power Monkey Podcast 186 - Miguel "Gravity" Rosario

Miguel is a fascinating athlete. His background was initially in gymnastics, where he was dominating. Eventually he grew tired of the rigid nature of the sport. Growing up in Brooklyn, Miquel found himself exposed to the world of Break-Dancing. With his foundation of gymnastics, he took to it and excelled immediately, earning him the nickname "Gravity" for his explosive moves on the dance floor.

Now, as the Olympics are set to introduce Break-Dancing as one of the newest sports in the 2024 Paris Games, Miguel "Gravity" Rosario is posed to not only be one of the first Breakers ever to compete in the Olympics, but he could be one of only two athletes competing who hail from NYC, the birth place of Break-Dancing.

Gravity is an incredible man, with a champion mindset, who we simply can not wait to watch next summer in Paris!

Gravity's IG: @gravity____official




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