Power Monkey Podcast 194 - Jack Farlow and Emma Lawson


We recently had the pleasure of working with Emma and Jack at a Power Monkey Course in their hometown in Canada. We already knew that both were incredible athletes, Emma having just been crowned the 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth at the 2023 CrossFit Games as an 18-year-old, and Jack had put on a show winning the Olympic Total event, also as a young 21-year-old other athlete.

What we did not know, and since discovered about them, was that they are both quite humble and willing to learn and be coached.

They did not take an "elite athlete" Power Monkey course; they took the same foundational course that the rest of the gym members did. It is this attitude of always looking for ways to improve oneself, even if it means taking a couple of steps backward to unlearn old ways and create new, better habits, that we feel sets the best athletes and people apart from the rest.

We hope you enjoy this episode; we sure did. We cannot wait until our paths cross with both Emma and Jack next.

Emma's IG: @emma.lawson_5
Jack's IG: @jackfarlow

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