Power Monkey Podcast 196 - Megan Henry


Megan was a world-class athlete in maybe one of the most insane sports. Imagine flying head-first down a sheet of ice on essentially a baking tray at speeds of up to 80 MPH. That is the sport of Skelton, and Megan was one of the best in the world at it.

Unsurprisingly, it takes a unique mindset to subject yourself to such risk and to do it at such a high level while managing the undeniable nerves that go into such an event. This is why once Megan retired from the sport of Skelton, she found herself drawn to sports psychology and mental performance. Today, Megan is a reputable mental performance coach, and this is where a good portion of our conversation with her centered today.

Megan's IG: @thesavagemeglet

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