Power Monkey Podcast 203 - Evan Slaughter

Our guest today is Evan Slaughter, widely recognized on Instagram and TikTok as Fit2Serve1.

Evan's journey is both inspiring and compelling. Formerly a competitive athlete, he faced significant challenges after an injury during his tour in Iraq, which led to an opiate addiction and a challenging period in his life.

However, Evan's story is one of resilience and hope. After overcoming addiction, he rekindled his passion for fitness and comedy. He now leverages these interests on his social media platforms, spreading joy and positivity to a wide audience.

Evan's presence is not just heartwarming but also incredibly impactful. We thoroughly enjoyed having him on our podcast and were equally thrilled to have him at our latest Power Monkey Camp, where he left a lasting impression on everyone.

Follow Evan's journey:

  • Instagram: @fit2serve1
  • YouTube: @fit2serve


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