Power Monkey Podcast 205 - Dave Durante

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into the story of Power Monkey Fitness founder, Dave Durante. With over 200 episodes behind us, we decided to dedicate an episode entirely on the creator and driving force behind the brand.

Join us as we trace Dave's path from his first gymnastics class in Garwood, New Jersey, through his competitive days at Stanford, and all the way to the 2008 Olympic Games.  This episode illustrates his relentless drive, competitive spirit, and deep-seated passion for his team, which he views as family.

Enjoy the episode and follow Dave on Instagram: @davedurante


This episode is sponsored by Assault Fitness.

Assault has been a part of our Power Monkey Camp for a long time.

We’ve incorporated their runners, bikes and rowers in our endurance sessions as well as our competitions and nightly workouts.  

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