Power Monkey Podcast 206 - Steph Mireles (Chung)

Our guest today is Steph Mireles, who you may be more familiar with as Steph Chung. Steph was a CrossFit Games athlete who has recently made the shift into the medical world beginning a career in Boston as a Physicians Assistant. We discuss what that change in lifestyle and training has been like as well what she believes can change in the healthcare and fitness world to bridge the gap and provide better services and longevity for patients and clients. 

We also take some time to discuss how Steph was on the inaugural executive committee for the PFAA (Professional Fitness Athletes Association), and what she believes can and should be done to make competition not just more fair for athletes, but safer too.

Steph is a remarkable person who we loved getting to sit down and chat with.

Steph's IG: @stephchung2




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