Power Monkey Podcast 216 - Alethea Boon, Is There Anything She Can't Do?


Alethea Boon has one of the most impressive athletic careers of any guest on the show. She is a 5-time CrossFit Games athlete, she competed at the Commonwealth Games for her native country of New Zealand 3 times, both in the spot of gymnastics as well as the sport of weightlifting. She competed in gymnastics for Bringham Young University, and now she is also a mother. But being a mother hasn't stopped her from pushing herself physically, these days she is a cast member on the Australian Gladiators show, which is an incredibly physically demanding endeavor.

On top of it all, she has one of the most impressive outlooks on life that we have come across, and it was an absolute joy to chat with her. 

Alethea's IG: @alethea_boon


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