Power Monkey Podcast 225 - Using Sauna to Level Up, with Peter Nelson

If you are not familiar with the performance and health benefits of Sauna's, then you will want to give this episode a listen. Sisu Sauna Co-Founder, Peter Nelson not only has a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject, but he is also an excellent case study for the Sauna's ability to assist in recovery and performance enhancement. Peter just won the inaugural Antarctic 50k Ultra Endurance race.

There is so much good information AND inspiration within this episode, we hope that you enjoy it.

Sisu's IG: @sisu_sauna

Peter's IG: @peternelsonii



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Heat from the sauna helps relax muscles and improves blood circulation, aiding in the recovery of strained or fatigued muscles. It can also help reduce muscle soreness after intense physical activity.

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