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Comprehensive fitness programming for athletes of every level. The App provides a personalized experience–with a strength assessment determining the level and a mobility assessment determining the mobility/stability components.



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Exercise tutorials, extensive coaches notes, and an extensive video database library. There are four different training tracks: SKILL - Assessment based program specific to your needs VOLUME - for the competitive athletes looking to build volume around a specific skill MONKEY METHOD - The complete gymnastics program that incorporates facets of bar, ring, handstand, core and mobility work into an accessible weekly plan 365 - Designed to give athletes an introductory approach through 5-10 minutes of daily training sessions to foundational movements

It depends on the plan. The majority of the plans can be done in conjunction with other training.

Many athletes have paired different skill plans together. Contact us for advice on mixing plans together.

SKILL: 30min-60min (2-3x per week), 12 week cycles
VOLUME: 30-60min (2x per week), 8 week cycle
MONKEY METHOD: 45-60min (Beg/int 3x week, Adv 6x week- 3x are optional)
365: 5-15min (daily), 1 year cycle