Photo of Dave Durante doing a technically perfect handstand to promote the Handstand Basics follow along program in the Power Monkey Training App.

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handstand basics (follow along) program

+ 45-60 MIN.

In this 'follow along' format, you'll learn directly from Dave Durante, how to build stability, strength, and mobility as you work towards your first handstand.

If holding a handstand has always been your ultimate goal and you are unsure of where to start, our solution is simple: a structured handstand program built by an elite athlete who has made a career of teaching people all over the world how to hold a handstand.

No more guesswork or "just kicking up and hoping for the best"—just clear, actionable steps that will lead you to success.

about the Handstand Basics (follow along) program

This handstand program is meant for all levels of athletes. It is structured as a stand alone plan.

Each day during the week will have a different focus. The workouts will be easy to follow through follow along instructions and scaling options. Once you complete this basic plan, you will have a much more comprehensive understanding of a technically sound handstand, plus the tools and progressions to get you there.

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Currently working on the handstands and 365 core. It's so challenging! I appreciate there is explanation behind each of the techniques they focus on and they give modifications based on your ability and comfort level. Cannot recommend this enough!


I tend to chase shiny objects when it comes to training plans. Yet, I find myself keep coming back to this app. Great progressions. The only thing I found that really works for strict muscle-ups and handstands


This program ahs some great information regarding technique. If you are starting from ground zero for handstands I would recommend it!

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Dave Durante performing a ring swing in a Power Monkey Fitness Course.

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dave durante

NCAA All-American at Stanford University
Multiple Time US National Champion
Multiple Time World Team Member
2008 Olympic Team Member
Co-Owner of Power Monkey Fitness

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Build your personal handstand basics plan

The Handstand Basics follow along program is unique in that you'll be following along each week with Dave Durante as he coaches you through handstand basics.

He's joined with two other athletes who will demonstrate varying options throughout the program so depending on your comfort level you can scale up or down accordingly.

You'll work through proper technique and movement patterns to master your dream skill, injury free.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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