After recently hosting our first Power Monkey gymnastics/kettlebell combo course, we wanted to highlight this great combo of specialties.  

One takeaway from the Kettlebell course is to consistently be doing more hinge work; aiming for 3x a week. And long time followers will know that I preach handstands as a skill that can be worked on daily.  This workout is an approachable Tabata, and could be used as a warm up or for accessory skill work. The pairing of the kettlebell swings with a handstand hold ties in our methodologies, of consistent training for both the hinge & handstand.

As with any Tabata, the goal should be to stay consistent throughout all rounds and avoid any severe drop-offs in the later rounds.  Use the handstand as a “rest” position as much as possible.  A 20 sec hold should be doable, but if you do come down, kick back up right away.  Work on your breathing pattern in the handstand as it should mimic the same pattern you do upright.  Work to bring your heart rate down during the handstand hold.  With the kettlebell swings, find a weight that is challenging, but doable unbroken for all rounds.  Ideally, performing American swings for all reps.  

Total score is combo of # of kettlebell swings PLUS rounds of unbroken handstand holds.

8 min Tabata
(20 sec work/10 sec rest)
Wall Handstand Hold
Heavy Kettlebell Swing

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  • Tracy

    Is there a video of the hinge and handstand?

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