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Core workout for quality, not time:

 Hollow Rocks (complete 100 reps)
*every time you break, perform 10 side bends on each side)
 Arch Rocks (complete 100 reps)
*every time you break, perform 20 Russian twists

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5 Rounds for Quality,
20 Banded Monster Walks / Side
20 Tib Raises
10 Heels Elevated Prisoner Squats
5 Tempo Back Squats w/ Light to Moderate Load.  Tempo: 55X1
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10, 9, 8....3, 2, 1
*Handstand Push Ups
*Bar Muscle Up
Run 200m after every round
*HSPU & BMU should be shoulder width
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As Many (Unbroken) Rounds As Possible

5 Single Unders
5 Right Leg Single Unders
5 Left Leg Single Unders
5 Alternating Step Single Unders
5 Double Unders
add +5 each round

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