PMPC114 - Kelsey Kiel

This week on the podcast, we have special guest co-host Dawn Fletcher and Dave to interview one of Dawn's athletes, Kelsey Kiel.

Kelsey is a long-time CrossFitter who has competed multiple times, both as an individual and as part of a team. As an individual, she most recently won "The Fittest Experience" in Texas. She was recruited to be a Bobsledder training at the Olympic Training Center with hopes of making it onto an Olympic Team.

Dawn is a mental performance coach, founder of Driven Mind Training, and is a beloved key speaker at Power Monkey Camp. In this episode, Dawn and Kelsey share what it has taken to get Kelsey in the right headspace and how it has manifested her renewed joy for Crossfit. 

Both Kelsey and Dawn were a joy to have on the podcast, and we think you will agree. Enjoy!

Dawn's IG: @drivenmindtraining

Kelsey's IG: @kelskiel


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