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PMPC126 - Masters Fitness Collective

On today's episode we are lucky enough to be providing the exclusive announcement of the first workout for The Masters Fitness Collective online qualifier. Additionally, we have Dave, Chad, and Chris Hinshaw on the show to provide a workout analysis...
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PMPC125 - Stacey Ervin Jr

Stacey is a former Team USA member and collegiate gymnast, where he has won multiple championships. After his gymnastics career Stacey joined the WWE where he pursued a career in professional wrestling before he made the transition to being a...
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PMPC124 - Gray Cook

Our guest today is Gray Cook. Gray is a practicing physical therapist, an orthopedic certified specialist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an RKC kettlebell instructor. He is the founder of Functional Movement Systems, a company that promotes the...
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PMPC123 - Fee Saghafi

 Fee Saghafi is one of the most recent guest athletes to attend Power Monkey Camp. Fee is a CrossFit Games athlete who trains alongside Scott Panchik out of CrossFit Mentality. Outside of Fees impressive athleticism, she is just an infectiously...
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PMPC121 - Graham Tuttle

  On today's episode, Dave and Mike chat with Graham Tuttle. Graham has made quite a name for himself within the social media world as "The Barefoot Sprinter". He has helped numerous athletes and fitness enthusiast correct movement dysfunction and...
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PMPC120 - Chellsie Memmel

On this episode of the podcast Dave and Mike chat with gymnastics legend Chellsie Memmel. Chellsie has been an all around world champion, as well as an Olympian. These days she is staying quite active in the fitness community, as...
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PMPC119 - AJ Kara & Zach Filer

  AJ and Zach are OG CrossFitters, having competed on teams at Regionals as well as each holding world records in Sport Kettlebell. They run the previously named CrossFit Kettlebell courses, which are now Power Monkey Kettlebell alongside Jeff Martone....
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PMPC118 - Dr. Jaime Schehr & Dr. Mike Molloy

On todays episode we welcome two of our favorite people on the show. Integrative medicine and Naturopath Dr. Jaime Schehr and M2 Performance Nutrition founder Dr. Mike Molloy. This was an interesting episode in that Jaime and Mike work with...
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PMPC117 - Amy Bream

Amy was one of the inaugural athletes in the adaptive division at the 2021 CrossFit Games. More impressive than that, Amy only began crossfitting the January before. Amy was born missing her right leg, as such, she falsely believe for...
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