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Coach Spotlight - Facundo Etchecolatz

Facundo has held nearly every role one could imagine within the CrossFit space, from media with CrossFit HQ, to event promotor and gym owner, to coach of elite athletes. His experience provides him with a very unique perspective on how to effectively coach athletes and get the most out of their performance.


Name: Facundo Etchecolatz
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Current Occupation: Full Time Coach / Programmer. 

What's your favorite advice to give when you are coaching athletes: Be clever. 

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who was just starting their fitness journey?
Be patient and enjoy the process. 

What would you tell someone who was hesitant to come to camp?
You cannot miss this opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in the world, that are also generous with their times and eager to share their knowledge.  There is no other place like Power Monkey Camp!

What station would you keep coming back to at camp?
All of them! So much to learn! and I simply adore Cheryl Haworth. 

What challenge do you want to overcome?
Finding the time and constancy to be able to train again, as I did BC (before Covid)

What does success look like?
I will tell you once I have met him. 

Who are your heroes? My partner, the most extraordinary person I have ever met. 

Any Party tricks?
My incredibly loud and off key singing. 

Favorite movie quote:
"Leave the gun, take the cannoli" (from the Godfather)

What's the weirdest job you've ever had?
I used to be a waiter in hotel, serving breakfast, and my main task was to arrive at 415am to turn on the oven to bake the bread and the croissants (actually just to touch the button "ON" on the electric oven). 


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Coach Spotlight - Facundo Etchecolatz