Coach Spotlight: Jaime Schehr

NameJaime Schehr
Location: New York 
Current Occupation: Naturopathic Doctor / Registered Dietitian 

Favorite piece of advice when working with clients:
compare you to you; no one else - when you compare yourself to another you lose yourself- our change and growth lies within us and knowing where we were yesterday and where we want to be tomorrow


It's not what we do one day that matters; it's what we do most days! 

What would you tell someone who was hesitant to come to Camp Restore? 
At best its life changing; at worst it's a week away disconnected from your day to day moving your body, connecting to self! 

 What session are you most excited to attend?
i cant choose one - 
the adventure courses - the waterfall hike - the food - i love going to camp!! 

What challenge do you want to overcome? 
I want to learn to be better at meditating so I am really hoping to overcome my meditation block 

What does success look like? 
For me it's feeling proud of what I have achieved thus far while also excited and inspired for what's to come 

Who are your heroes? 
I am inspired by so many incredible women who have all been a hero in my life at some point!! 

Any Party tricks? 
This is the hardest question, I am a natural introvert ... although I guess if the setting were not an athletic camp the answer would be something to do with handstands!! 

Favorite movie quote: 
"you've got the best crew in the world standing here in front of you, give them a reason to stay" - FAST & FURIOUS 

What's the weirdest job you've ever had?
I was the dietetic intern / personal assistant for Maye Musk (Elon Musk's mom) - I organized her closet and helped her throw a dinner party! 


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