Haley Adams Reveals How to Train like a Champion

“There are athletes at this level... that don’t have a strong desire to learn. They’re not ever going to be competitive with the likes of a Mat Fraser.”  -Chris Hinshaw

The 2020 CrossFit Games: What Makes a Winner?

Every competitor at the 2020 CrossFit Games Finals demonstrated extreme physical fitness and unparalleled mental toughness. So what set the leaders apart?

In Power Monkey Podcast Episode 44, coaches Dave Durante, Chad Vaughn and Chris Hinshaw get to the core of the technical differences that determined the winners in each event. As three top experts in their respective fields, they highlight the variations in each athlete’s approach and preparation, and explain how this impacted their overall performance.


From squat depths to bar muscle-up swing styles, the coaches pinpoint how the athletes’ technique determined their endurance, stability, and adaptability in each event. In the following podcast excerpt, they discuss what Brooke Wells and Mat Fraser did differently in the handstand sprint that made them so successful:

Dave Durante:

There were a couple of things that really stood out to me in terms of the technique that was used ... The open shoulder angle that Brooke [Wells] and [Mat] Fraser are doing allow for their entire body to be moving forward in the direction that they’re trying to travel so it creates more efficiency. It takes some of the pressure off the anterior delt, it puts more into the upper back, the traps, and the rear delt. Which means they have more muscles incorporated when they’re doing the handstand walk. It spreads the load. This is an approach that allows them to stay in the moment for a much longer period of time. It’s something that we want to use.

Chad Vaughn:

As a weightlifting coach, it’s no surprise to me that the two athletes who had the best shoulder angle [with the bar overhead], meaning that they probably have the best upper body mobility, were able to win that ... From a mobility standpoint, they don’t just have sufficient mobility to get in a handstand and hold a completely open shoulder angle, they have excess range of motion.

Hear what the coaches have to say about the design of each event, and find out what rules they see changing in future CrossFit Games to encourage optimal technique.


Do you want to understand the ‘whys’ of your technique? Or maybe you thrive off the challenge of training with the best? Whatever your goals, you’ll soon be able to learn directly from some of the world’s top athletes and coaches! The outstanding variety of elite coaching and lectures previously only available at Power Monkey Camp will soon be accessible anytime, anywhere.


Haley Adams Reveals how to Train like a Champion



For an athlete’s perspective of what it was like to compete in the 2020 Games Finals, Power Monkey Podcast Episode 45 interviews 19-year-old Haley Adams and her training partner and coach Tasia Percevecz, who both train alongside Rich Froning in Cookeville, Tennessee. Haley’s performance was particularly exciting for coaches Dave Durante and Chad Vaughn to witness, as Haley first began attending Power Monkey Camp at just 15 years old.


Haley Adams at Power Monkey Camp, September 2017   

Haley prefers a generalized approach to training, without feeling the need to focus on a particular weakness just yet. For her, training with greats like Rich Froning and the CrossFit Mayhem Team in Cookeville is what has helped her to grow as an athlete.

Percevecz agrees that surrounding yourself with great talent is the way to go. “If you want to be the best, surrounding yourself with the best is only going to help and bring you up... it’s only pushed me to make me better.



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