Watch the video above for a break down of the hollow and arch position from Power Monkey Coach Shane DeFreitas.

Hollows and arches are some of the most important positions in gymnastics. Both of these body shapes can be tricky at first. But with time and practice, they'll be an incredible asset to the efficiency, speed, and power of your gymnastics movements. 

Follow the drills below to understand and control the hollow and arch. These drills are helpful for the beginner athlete as well as the intermediate athlete. With a strong hollow and arch position, you'll be one step closer to the full potential of your gymnastics movements.

Drill your hollow position:

  • Perform hollow body rocks for 20-25 reps, 3 rounds (rest as needed between rounds)
  • Keep your lower back on the floor and think LONG not "up"
  • When you extend the legs, if the lower back comes off the floor, bring the legs back in (it's better to have the lower back position over length)

Drill your arch position:

  • Perform arch ups for 25 reps, 3 rounds (rest as needed between rounds)
  • Keep the head and ears in line with the arms and shoulders
  • Keep your legs together AND the heals and toes together
  • FYI: The upper thoracic and shoulders are a difficult range for many. If that's the case for you — and you can't lift your arms off the ground — try this drill over the edge of a mat. Also, consider adding mobility drills like Seated Wall Angels to your daily routine.


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