How TrueCoach has Transformed my Ability to Coach!

When I began coaching and working to educate the fitness community with Power Monkey Fitness, I never imagined the scope and demand that would develop. Coming from the seemingly archaic and closeted community of Olympic Weightlifting, I had the impression that most people either had little interest in learning or would never even be exposed to my sport. I was in for quite a revelation after the inaugural Power Monkey Camp in Spring 2013.

When I started working with weightlifting and CrossFit athletes in person, I quickly
realized that the community was not only eager for technique and coaching, but they were also searching for reliable programming to follow. My experience prior to 2013, regarding coaching and programming, was subject to the status quo of in-person club coaches and the occasional emailing of shared ideas and standardized programs. I thought that I was being VERY innovative when I started to make private training pages on Facebook for individuals that were seeking extra work and programming from me.

I could not have imagined the development of something as innovative, holistic, and evolving as the TrueCoach (TC) platform– to which I am so grateful!  

When I transitioned from my competitive career into full time coaching, I scrambled to find a way to make it work. I wanted to relay individualized plans to more athletes in order to commit myself to a career of educating and programming, but I was so limited in scaling to more individuals and gym communities. What was available barely seemed possible to effectively deliver quality programming and feedback to more than 8-10 clients.
Now that I consider how seamless and functional my process is through TrueCoach, I cringe when I think about the time and energy it was taking me to simply communicate with my athletes. There are definitely three qualities of my current process that would not be possible without the TrueCoach platform and support team.

1. Embedded video exercise libraries to guide visual learners
2. Program building with calendars and reminders
3. Private messaging and searchable training histories with past comments and

These three areas are what truly allow me to work in a unique and personalized manner each day with all of my individual clients. I do not have to spend countless hours searching, typing and moving from different platforms to communicate effectively with my athletes.

TrueCoach has built a platform that gives me a chance to offer more time, more
feedback, and more accountability to not just my athletes, but also myself. Rather than struggling to offer attention to 10 clients like I was attempting in 2013, now I feel very comfortable working with 2-3 times the client list as well as being able to have other coaches sharing the “Team” feature.

At Team Power Monkey, our coaches are able to truly embrace our Monkey Method philosophy by sharing clients in the TrueCoach platform, syncing programs across various disciplines. We are in an age of information, and the ability to share, collaborate, and distribute has never been more needed and possible in order to grow and sustain the evolving fitness community. If you are a coach and looking to connect with your current community while also scaling into a larger potential, then TrueCoach will have all the tools that you need to become a more efficient and innovative coach


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