“It’s a choice to suffer. Suffering is all about the story that we tell ourselves. So
embrace the pain, but I’m not going to choose to suffer through this thing.”

-Aaron Hinde

On August 18 th , 2020, Aaron Hinde (Co-Founder and President of LIFEAID Beverage Company) brought his family to a hotel to escape the smoke as the California wildfires raged near their home and tree-filled property. He returned home to pack. When the winds shifted suddenly,

Aaron found himself with just minutes to grab a few valuable items: his wallet, his DJ mixer, some wine, and his daughter’s guitar.  While Aaron made it out safely, his family’s home, their property, and all of their possessions were destroyed.

In this podcast, Aaron discusses what remains of yourself when all material possessions are stripped away. He details the daily practices he uses with his children to help cultivate positivity and resilience following their loss, and describes how maintaining an abundance mindset has helped him not only in facing personal challenges, but in building a thriving business.

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